If you’re on the East Coast like we are, you may still be unable to get your cardio workouts in outside.  Yes, there are many of you who brave the elements no matter what and I commend you.  I don’t understand it, but I commend you.  While I’m bundled up like an eskimo, you’re running by me in summer jogging shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  Ha, makes me even colder thinking about it.


Enter your last stretch of indoor cardio.  Here, you’ll find a four day cardio workout that should be supplemented by your usual weight routine.  Don’t short change yourself by strolling on any of these machines.  Get your sweat on!  Find your target heart rate zone and get in there.  If you stick with this for the month of March, I promise you, you’ll start to see the fat melt from your body.  Cardio may not be fun, but it does this trick when coupled with clean eating and weight training.

This workout is compliments of Igor Celzner, my new personal trainer at The Edge Fitness in Derby.  Trust me, his workouts are indicative of his name :)  He pulls no punches, tells it like it is and makes it a point to let you know you’re not going to like him.  That is, what he’s about to put you through.  Aside from his idle threats, he’s passionate about what he does and it shows. I have no doubt that if I follow his lead, I’ll be in great shape in no time!

Monday:  30 minutes total cardio:  10 minutes stair master, 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill

Wednesday:  45 minutes fast walk on the treadmill at a level 15 incline, speed level 3

Thursday:  30 minute jog on the treadmill 

Friday:  Same as Wednesday

Start with me today and let me know your progress.  Make sure you’re keeping track of your speed and levels for each session.  Let’s motivate each other!  I’ll be tweeting my cardio sessions.  My first date is tonight before TRX class….see you at the gym!