What a great day yesterday.  Ava came home for the day with the plans of beach rollerblading on this gorgeous day.  That sounded awesome.  In theory.  Truth is, I’m the only one with rollerblades.  A friend has my spare pair and Chloe’s are in Florida.  Onto plan B, let’s go hiking!  It’s been a few years since we hiked up Sleeping Giant state park.  It’s beautiful anytime of year and as I remember, it’s a pretty good workout if you amp it up a bit.

Earlier that day, I had an awesome upper body workout with my trainer.  We left the legs alone knowing hiking was in the mix.  The workout left me super wiped out, but it’s not every day I get the chance to spend time with Ava, workout and be outdoors all at the same time.


To the park we go.  When you get to spend time with your mini me, you realize just how alike you are.  We start jogging up the trail blah, turns out both of us are not huge fans of running, but we persevere for about 5 minutes.  Then we move onto a fast paced walk to catch our breath.  I tell her it’s probably about 30 minutes to the top where there lies the castle.  She immediately stops me from speaking and tells me she doesn’t like to know times, it puts a barrier up for her.  Oooh me too, I can go all day long if you don’t tell me I have 15 more seconds.  As soon as the instructor says that, those 15 seconds feel like an eternity. We continue a job/speed walking combo up the mountain.

Somewhere along the way the trail splits, we opt for the one on the left.  We’re going, going and now questioning if we chose the right way.  Ava says, oh no, we’re never going to see the castle.  I tell her, don’t worry Mario (yes, we’re fans of Nintendo) you,’re going to make it to the castle.



Mission accomplished!  It’s gorgeous up here.  28 minutes to the top, not too shabby.  I feel the burn in my glutes, yes!  After a 5 minute respite, it’s down the hill.  This is the fun part.  You have the momentum pushing you along and you’re just trying to keep up with your legs.  Somehow this feels refreshing, like a reward.  At one point I realize I’m veering into the center of the path, pushing Ava towards the edge.  At the same time we look at each other and start cracking up.  I’m thinking oh no, I’m pushing her off the cliff and she says “Yo are you trying to kill me? ”  Our laughter is echoing through the woods, making us laugh that much harder.  If the other people on the trail only knew.

Ah, we’re at the end.  Oh my, we see a girl running up that we just saw running down.  In Ava’s words “she’s hard core.”  Maybe next time.

We come home to the perfect dinner of halibut, quinoa and grilled asparagus made by Klo.  Her friend Ali joins us.  I love eating early, especially when someone else makes it and I know it’s good for me.   With time to kill we opt for dessert at Nuvita, our local frozen yogurt place.  Yum!

The day couldn’t have been any better.  Great workout, family and friends.  What more could you ask for?