Heeeyyoooo! Happy Wednesday.  You all know I love my Wednesdays off!  I’m starting my day with some coffee, amazing protein pancakes and a trip to the gym.  I’m so ready to do everything today in a leisurely fashion.  Anyway, this year I am going to do something super fun and present holiday gift guides to you.  We think that Christmas is far away, but it definitely is NOT.  It will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to procrastinate and sacrifice your gift-giving skills! As someone who prides themselves on being a good gift-giver, I figured I would help steer others in the right direction (i.e, help make your life easier!).  Gift-giving is often really simple – I feel like a lot of people overthink it, but really you just have to be thoughtful and creative and think about what the person would enjoy opening and get the most use of.  With that being said, this version is for the Fitness Junkie! We all have those people in our lives that love their fitness clothes, gadgets and accessories.  These products are adorable, functional, and quite frankly all look very fun to open on Christmas!  I definitely don’t think you’ll be disappointing anyone with these picks! Enjoy.  Xo