Oh man, I’m feelin it…the Holidaze.  The feeling you get the day after a holiday..After indulging in yummy Red White & Blue colored desserts and enjoying a day of picnic drinking, I’m feeling and seeing the bloat.  To add to that, I don’t want to head back to the city for work today.  At all.  Oh yeah, the Holidaze has definitely got a hold on me.

Since I won’t make it to the gym today, I’ll do some cardio floor exercises to kick off the morning.

30 High Knees

30 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees with Push Up

One minute of Mountain Climbers


By the way, my patriotism did not stop this week.  Look at THIS whip I was driving yesterday.

I felt like I was in a life-sized Monster truck and I could crush anything and anyone that crossed my path.

ALSO, if you are in the New Haven, CT area – stop by Blue Check deli in Woodbridge tomorrow.  The fam just took the place over and it will be all shiny and new again for you tomorrow, Friday, bright and early at 6am.

Hope you had a great 4th like I did and cure your own Holidaze! ;)

(By the way, the main pic for this post is one I came across of me and Chlo from World Dance Championships..talk about USA pride!! From 2007 – how fun)