So this post comes to you for a number of reasons, first and foremost; if you’re honest, do you train by yourself to your maximum potential?

For me, there are many answers to this question.  First, TRX class.  Here you earn your progression with regard to your distance from the anchor point.  Very similar to upping your dumbbell weight when performing an exercise.  There are times when I take the class and push myself beyond what I think I’m capable of.  There are also evenings where I definitely push, but not so hard.

I do believe that if you’re going to spend the time in the gym, you should give it your all.  That’s not to say that one day isn’t more motivating than another, but I have found that with the push of another, you I go so much harder.

That said, last night I tried a new gym… Bodyology.  Oh yeah I arrive and the class description says “Tapout Tabata”  seriously, my nemesis?!?  I hate tabata.  I know it’s fabulous for you, but challenging; hell yeah!  The class was amazing, very supportive group.  I was paired with the owner, crazy!  I had an amazing workout.  So hard that in my head I thought “this sucks, I’ll never come back, ”  ha!  But the competitor in me said, yeah you need to come come back and conquer this.  So I bought 10 more classes.

On another workout note, yes, I do have a personal trainer once a week.  We do CRAZY stuff and I love it!  But, without his support throughout those last reps, I don’t think I could do it on my own.

Fast forward to a post personal training cardio session yesterday.  Yes, I know I was cheating myself, but I was at a 9 degree incline at 4.0 percent on the treadmill.   It was a brisk walk.  I thought that it was acceptable for just having my tail handed to me minutes before.  Uhm yeah, no!  10 minutes in my trainer walks by and asks:  is that cardio?  My response “yes after I had my butt handed to me.”  He instructs me to run at an 8.0 pace for a minute with a 3 minute rest at 4 and keep the incline.  Is he crazy?  Is he looking to see me in the plate glass window?  hahahah, maybe.

Thing is, I did it for three rounds.  Why do I need that push?  I know what I want my body to look like, why am I not pushing myself to get there.  I think it’s a mental block.  Every time my trainer shows me what I’m going to do, I ask; do you really think I can do that?  His constant reply is “yes, you’re a tough girl!”  And guess, what, I can do it.  I have to have more faith in my strength and ability.  Basically, if someone else believes in me, why shouldn’t I?  I’m going to keep this in mind for my future workouts.

How do you workout and how much do you push yourself?