Good Morning!  Are you relatively new to yoga like I am or are you a hardcore yogi?  Either way, I’m sure you’re reaping the benefits of yoga.  I guess I’m late on the bandwagon as Ava started months ago, but hey, better late than never.

Last month Mark surprised me with a couples massages.  It was much needed as work has been super busy and my back was full of knots.  Of course, I equated the knots to stress…..not so fast.

I barely had one foot out the door after the massage when my masseuse asked me what I did for workouts.  Ahhh, on the defensive I ask, why?  He replied, are you stretching?  If you stretch more you’ll get rid of the tension in your back.  Busted!  I rarely stretch.  I know I need to, but for some reason I don’t incorporate it into my gym time.

My solution?  Yoga.  It incorporates stretching, relaxation and meditation.  All of which I can use more of in my life.  Later that week I found a beautiful yoga studio near my house, Dharma yoga.  I was amazed at how much better I felt after a class.  Clear headed, calm and fully stretched.  Believe me, it took some work to quiet my mind and be present in the moment, but once I did, I got it.

Onto Sunrise Yoga.  Thank goodness I follow Tara Graham on Facebook.  She’s a local health coach and yoga instructor whom I met over the winter.  It was on her page that I saw she’s teaching an early morning outdoor yoga class this summer at the Orange High Plains Community Center on Racebrook Road.

Chloe and I dropped in last week.  5:30am, what a beautiful time to be outside and my favorite time to workout.  It’s well before the heat hits and just in time to catch the sunrise :)  It was awesome.  The class is running through August 6th.  See below for info.  We’ll be dropping in again this week, we hope to see you there!  Ladies can also take her class at Dharma Yoga Center  in Orange on the first Friday of every month for Girls Night Out at 7:00pm.