Good Morning!  This post is 2-fold, first to introduce you to the new fitness magazine TRAIN and second to prepare you for the upcoming onslaught of magazine covers vying to grab your attention with headlines like “Get Beach Body Ready in 6 weeks”

Last month I received a pleasant surprise in my shipment from  There on top of my supplements lay a fitness magazine I’ve yet to see, TRAIN.  My interest peaked, I couldn’t wait to delve into it.  At first glance it appeared it may a bit out of my league.  I happened to thumb through and spotted a few ads with super large dudes.  I thought that maybe it was a magazine to support their supplements.

But then I began to read it.

What a breath of fresh air!!!!  As I began to read the letter from the Editor, Jim Stoppani, I thought, FINALLY!  Finally a magazine that isn’t lying to me and duping me into thinking that if I just hunker down for a few weeks, I’ll have the body of my dreams.  Nothing has bothered me more than those magazine covers.  I do love some of the content in those magazines, but for years I’ve thought to myself, how many people start and quit a healthy lifestyle because they’re mislead by their covers.

Thankfully, not this magazine.  Jim lays it out clearly.  In order to have the body you want by summer, you must start NOW.  As with everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  Do the work, reap the rewards.  His writing style is honest and supportive.  It was in his letter that I realized he is reaching out to everyone.

As I read further into the magazine, there’s something for all fitness levels.  Those who have been training hard and want to tweak their diet and workout routines and those looking to get the ins and outs of fitness to begin their healthy lifestyle.  I love that TRAIN touches on everything from exercises, diet & drinks to supplements.  For me, the supplement area is one that particularly intrigues me as I’m never quite sure what I should be incorporating into my program.

It was smart marketing on their part to send along their new magazine as a freebie to get the word out.  I will certainly be signing up for future issues.  How can you resist a magazine that’s tagline is “DON’T JUST READ IT, USE IT”?

Last winter Ava and I kept telling you that a summer body begins in the winter, it’s the truth.  With nasty cold temps, we know it’s hard to get out and hit the gym.  But, if you’re persistent now when the first warm day of spring rolls around you’ll be eager to don those shorts!

This is my plea to you, don’t fall prey to the upcoming magazine covers.  Keep in mind, those models work super hard to keep their physique in photo ready shape.  A short body makeover only works when you’re already in the zone.

Now get training!  :)  Steph