Late post this morning, had a fabulous night with Ava in her city :)  We’ll be posting all about it tomorrow, but for now, here’s some motivation tips to keep you going in this cold weather:

Update your playlist we all know by now there’s a new JT song out, yes it’s slow, but you can use it for your cool down.  You might want to go old school and breakout with some of your favorite oldie but goodies.  Whatever you like, changing up your workout playlist is just as motivating as changing up your routine

Try a new time do you go to the gym after work?  try before you start your day.  As crazy as it sounds, when I can go in the morning, I feel like I can go again at the end of the day.  Energy all day and I feel so much better

Buddy up I know that I can only lift so much when I’m alone, so when I have a buddy….instant spotter and motivator.  It makes it so easy to pump out those last few reps

Splurge on a trainer just one training appointment with your journal can give you some new moves for the month

Set a goal nothing crazy, something attainable that will boost your confidence.  Being active 3 days a week, eat clean most of the week or ditch the booze.  Any of these will make you feel better.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments you could reward yourself with that trainer appointment or those new sneaks  you’ve been eying.  There’s nothing better than a comfy new workout outfit to show off your hard work

Keep a journal this is the most important.  It lets you see your good days, your bad days and anything in between.  I love looking back and seeing the days when I went to the gym and didn’t want to….it always ends with an entry that’s something like “so happy I went”

What motivates you?