Hey all! Notice anything different today? We’ve got a new logo (we’ve been fine tuning it for quiiiiite a while now) and we’re ready to really launch this puppy as a brand! Watch out world ;)

In other news, we’ve got a giveaway for you!  Since our Spartan Race giveaway was so popular last time around, our friends there were nice enough to hook us up with another free race code to give to one of you.  So if you didn’t have the cojones to enter this contest last time, hop on this!

Spartan Race has exciting news! They’re collaborating with the NBC Sports Network to present a 90 minute TV special covering the World Championship of obstacle racing held on Sept 21-22 in Vermont.  The race itself will air on October 19, 2013.  It will be filming 8 professional athletes and 4 everyday Spartans – super exciting!

Spartan Race has also launched a Get On Tv campaign, where people can submit their story as to how training or participating in a Spartan race has changed their life.  So if you’re a Spartan Race vet, now’s your chance to get ready for your close-up!

Again, participating in a Spartan Race is the perfect opportunity for you to test your skills, both mentally and physically.  You’re tougher than you think.

To enter:

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Good luck!!!!