• Squat Kicks 3 sets of 30/15 each side
  • Squat Divers 3 sets of 30
  • Squat Position Calf Raises 3 sets of 30
  • Squat Against the Wall 30 seconds - suck it up shakes and all
  • Jump Up Jacks 3 sets of 15
  • Repeat sequence 3 times, break only after you complete a sequence

This post is for all my friends that, just like me, have hectic work schedules.  Not everyone wants to get up at 5:00am to workout, but guess what, you’re worth it!  You’ll feel better, look better, eat better and most importantly; sleep better.  We all know that if we don’t take care of ourselves, everything else suffers.  I think there’s no worse feeling than the disappointment we project on ourselves when we don’t eat well and exercise.

Do you remember our post a few months ago, Beach bodies are made in the winter?  Well, I know not everyone heeded our suggestions and that’s okay.  For the next few weeks, we’re going to be focused on what you can do now.  We want you to embrace the warm weather with confidence.  We know what you’re going through, the mixed emotions of exctiment that  the warm weather is finally here and then the horror of having to bare your legs.

This workout is especially designed to someone near and dear to me, my friend Kim.  No excuses girl!  You can do this leg workout inside your home, in the park or in your yard.  No weights necessary.

Squat Kicks

start standing, hips shoulder width apart, squat down and kick forward on the way up.  Try to completely extend your leg….not like mine :)

Squat Divers

Squat to the floor, hands & feet flat on the floor, raise your bum into the air as if you were pushing yourself up, squat back down and repeat without pause

Squat Position Calf Raises

Start in the same position as squat divers but on your toes, raise your calves up and down with no pauses

Wall Squats

well just like they sound, you’re going to squat agains the wall.  Be sure to keep your legs at a 90* angle with your weight in your heels – you can do it! cameo by Nemo

Jump Up Jacks

Start in a standing position, jump up into a star position, return legs together before returning to the floor