Remember last month when we encouraged you to spice up your winter workout routine by trying a new indoor fitness class?  Well, we also took that advice.  Ava, Chloe’ and myself have all begun taking Pure Barre classes.  And guess what?  We’re all hooked.

In a winter rut, Ava found Pure Barre online.  After a little bit of research she decided this was a class she wanted to take.  Just a few weeks later, Chloe’ found a Groupon in CT.

Chloe’ and I went first.  Let me tell you, I’m still trying to get back into shape so this was no easy class.  Chloe’ and Ava being former dancers find it a bit easier, but also see what they’ve lost since leaving the dance floor.

Personally, I think the girls are used to pushing their bodies past it’s natural boundaries from dance.  Me, not so much.  I’m sure Igor can attest to that one.  Hello, I can’t touch my toes!

So here goes the class and the format as best as I can see it.  Their motto:  Lift, Tone, Burn.  Uhm…..yeah, I’d say so.  You don’t require much to take the class, a mat, a Pure Barre ball, a resistant tube and 2-3 lb weights.  The class seems to follow a basic format of the same warmup and light weight work focusing on your upper body and pretty much the same ending with hip bridges “you’re last chance to LTB” and a well deserved stretch.  Within that format, there is a series of leg exercises and abdominal work.  These exercises are always changing.  Exercises are done at the barre (duh), standing and on the floor.

Here’s the kicker, they want you to shake and I mean shake.  This workout is all about small isometric movements and isometric holds.  Getting yourself in that zone and staying there takes a whole lot of willpower.  Chloe’ managed to get deep into that zone in the first class and was shaking so much I started laughing.  Laughing in a good way.  Laughing through the pain.  The beauty of the class is just when you think you can’t take it anymore, that portion ends and you get a glorious stretch.

The classes are 55 minutes in length and move along quite swiftly while the instructors verbally walk you through all of the movements and transitions with very succinct cues.  They also travel throughout the room correcting form.  The class is low impact in intensity, but high impact in results.  I mean come on, if I can have half the ass these instructors have, count me in!

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 17, perfect for spreading out the instructors attention.  There are so many reasons why we love this class:  the studio and instructors are very welcoming and professional, the class is amazing and challenging, there seems to be no limit to challenging yourself if you were to take Pure Barre regularly, your focus is so intense during the class that you really feel relaxed and refreshed after, I love that I’m not jumping around and sweating, after 10 classes I’m actually seeing an improvement in my flexibility, and lastly; the clothes.  OMG all I can say is they’re like butter.  Finally workout clothes that don’t make me want to murder someone, the caveat is I literally make a purchase every time I go!

Bottom line, we encourage you to find a Pure Barre in your area.  It may not be in your direct vicinity, but you won’t’ regret it.  My nearest studio is 25 minutes away and Ava’s is almost an hour even in Manhattan.  Well worth the trip.

Have you taken Pure Barre?  We’d love to hear what you think, do you love it as much as we do?