Hey all! Happy Monday Morning! So you may have seen my Facebook pic on the Fit Girls Dish fan page already, but on Thursday I had a pretty cool morning complete with some pretty cool gear thanks to Reebok!

Bright lights, big city.  Aren’t I just a PEACH in the morning?  Of course the head to toe gear is courtesy of Reebok, but this experience itself is courtesy of Fitfluential, a great company that we have newly become Ambassadors for and who presented us with this opportunity.  Thanks Fitfluential!

Anyway, the day started with a press conference held in Times Square.  The press conference was to announce Reebok’s new sponsorship for the Spartan Race, and to explain their plans on how to take the Spartan Race to all new, global heights.  It was interesting to hear the Spartan Race rep explain how they didn’t initially feel that Reebok would be a good fit, but eventually learned just how badass Reebok actually is ;)  Crossfitters, clean eaters, hard-core athletes..these are the characteristics of the people behind Reebok that made the leaders of Spartan Race come to their realization.  I personally think it’s a great partnership!

Another great thing about the morning? Immediately after receiving my Reebok gym bag full of new gear, I got to meet other Fitfluential Ambassadors for the first time!


These girls are fellow bloggers that live in or around my New York City area!  Very cool.  Hope to see them again soon :) P.S can I look like anymore of a shrimp?!

After the press conference, we headed outdoors to find a smaller version of the Spartan Race set up smack dab in the middle of Times Square.

 Spartan athletes and tourists alike were already hard at work tackling the obstacles by the time we got there.

Getting over a giant wall, rolling through a mud-pit, monkey bars, rope climbing, barbed-wire hurdles.  These are just a few of the things they managed to cram into this NYC obstacle course!

My very favorite, most inspiring sight of the day was watching the X.T.R.E.ME. team veterans go through the course.  It made me proud to see their courage and strength, and it also made me feel like I was half an inch tall because here I am on the sidelines taking pictures of them, too nervous to go through the course myself!  That’s why they are heroes, after all.

A couple of the Fitfluential girls went through the course, while the other half of us stayed behind (had to pull my leg for that one), promising to capture their moments with our cameras.  They killed it!!!

Not your typical way to spend a Thursday morning, huh?  That’s the way I like it.  Thanks again to Reebok and Fitfluential for the great experience.  Register for Spartan Race at CitiField this April!