Do you remember my post last fall when on a whim, Mark & I did the 5k Rugged Maniac in Massachusetts?  Well if not, let me tell you, it was one of the best days of my life!

To recap, we had a little bit of trepidation on the way up.  We didn’t know what to expect aside from getting muddy.  But once we arrived, you could feel the camaraderie.  It was palpable.  From seeing participants in the parking lot beaming with pride at their accomplishment all the way to the registry table where there were veterans and newbies all forming friendships and bonds to last the day.  Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes were ready for the challenge.  Now, so were we.

It was a blast!  A challenge and a blast!  I realized you can go at your own pace, as in life, the only true competition is yourself.  Mark and I encouraged each other and found such a new found respect within our relationship, that we agreed, we wanted to share it with everyone.

This is that opportunity.  We plan on returning this year doing it twice, once in New England and once in New York.  This covers the territories of me and Av.  We would love to have a “Team FGD”, FGD so that any other man out there that wants to join, doesn’t feel he’s just reppin’ Fit Girls.  This is about Fit everyone and teamwork.  I watched as strangers helped each other conquer hurdles.  You may not need that, but boy everything is more fun with a group that has a common goal.

Our vision is sporting team t-shirts and running the race together.  We hope you can join us.  Get your friends and family involved, the more the merrier!

Please go to to join.  The  earlier you sign up, the more of a discount you’ll get.  Sign up for one or both.  Once you do, let us know you’ll be joining us.  We’ll post a weekly roster so you can see who’s coming.  In the  meantime, we’re looking for motivational slogans for our t-shirts, give us your best shot!  Any slogan that makes the cut, gets the author a free shirt.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get down and dirty.  Be sure to bring some extra cash for the awesome brew afterwards.  Just the first one is free.  You’ll want to stick around to cheer on other runners.


New York is held in Brooklyn on Saturday, June 29th.  Least expensive registration is due by January 25th at $58.00

New England is held in Massachusetts on Saturday, September 28th.  Least expensive registration is due by March 15th at $68.00