Happy Monday!  I’m so excited to share my weekend with you.  Last week, I heard about a Mud Run in the New England area.  I’ve always wanted to try one, but you know, a little bit of self doubt creeps in.  I came home and shared the news with Mark.  Keep in mind, he used to be my workout buddy, but not for a few years.  As you know our work schedules are a bit crazy.  To that extent, my boy doesn’t get much more exercise aside from lifting heavy pots at work, loading trucks and oh yeah, daily lifting of Sierra Nevada and smoking.

But for some reason, he’s crazy on board.  Talking about it so much to everyone that they think I’m tagging along with him :)

Registration is now closed, so we have to take our chances onsite.  Wow, it’s now Sunday morning and I’m having some doubts after working outside in the cold all day yesterday.  Should we wait until the summer?  Well, Mark’s not going to let that happen.  I hate amusement park rides, the thought makes me sick.  You never know what’s around the next bend and when your stomach is going to drop.  Ah, I have the same feeling approaching this event, but a little bird named Chloe explained Mark’s enthusiasm to me on my way out the door.  He had told her that he feels badly that we don’t get to spend much time together and every time I ask him to come to the gym, he can’t for one reason or another.  This is his chance to redeem himself.  Well let me tell you, it worked!

We had the best day ever!  We breezed through registration and were able to participate in the next round just 30 minutes away.  We decided to rent a head cam to document our adventure.  I’ll post it when it’s available in about 2 weeks.  Onto the race.  The course is certainly doable at any level if you take your time and pace yourself.

We encouraged each other and slowed down when we needed to.  Oh yeah, we actually passed people.  I could handle all the obstacles, they were actually fun, but the slide….OMG…I think I blurted out every profanity I know on the way down.  I shot like a rocket and I hate speeds.  I was certainly traumatized for a few minutes.  Then into the icy water where you’re forced to submerge yourself to get by the thing floating in your way.  Why is this water soooooo much colder than all the others?  Those were the worst of it.  We completed the course in about 45 minutes, not too shabby.  The mud felt like a badge of honor, so we head to the beer tent before showering.





















I’m so proud of Mark and myself.  What he did was super selfless.  We bonded over an accomplishment, laughed together and had an incredibly awesome time.  We were also a bit mischievous.  There’s a portion of the course where participants can cheer on others as they take their first leap into the icy, muddy water.  We enjoyed the encouraging screams of jump, jump, so we decided to reciprocate.  To our dismay, none of the onlookers were cheering, and subsequently people were gently lowering themselves into the water.   So we took matters into our own hands.  First Mark bellows, jump, jump!  To which people responded.  Excited, his chants turn to into:  belly flop, belly flop.  With the crowd quickly chanting along, he had people doing belly flops, holding hands on the run down and doing cannonballs.  It was awesome.  The people around us commented how crazy the power of suggestion is.
















The atmosphere was one of camaraderie, fun and overall sense of relaxation by everyone.  We made new friends and most importantly reconnected with each other.  I’m still riding the high from yesterday.  We both can’t wait to do it again.  Now that fall is in full swing, I think we’ll wait for spring.  I hope you’ll join us as Team FGD.  We want everyone to share this experience.

Have you participated in any of the mud running obstacle courses?  If so, what did you think?

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