Hey all! Monday is back – how did that happen? The weekend flew by, but I managed to squeeze some time with friends and family in.  I am about to head back to NYC from CT, where I came specifically for my good friend Ashley’s baby shower.  We’ve been friends since high school, when we were wild bandshee crazy children, and it’s just NUTS how time flies and we are all matured and doing adult things.  Yes, nuts indeed.  The shower was organized by my other good friends Lauren and Stacy, and it was beautiful.  Thanks again for doing all of that, guys!

The bottom corner is me, Ashley and her mom Laurie.  Laurie and I teamed up for the diaper design contest, and obbbbviously we won.  Superhero diaper.

Later, after taking a nap because I was so tired from stuffing my face, our friend Danielle came over to test out the new TRX cables that my mom and Mark installed in the house.  A new workout room in the house – how exciting! Once it’s finished I’m sure my mom will give that one a post of its own.  And now that my mom is a TRX trainer, wanted to take full advantage of her skills!

While Danielle was on the cables, I was putting myself to good use on the side doing jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers to keep things moving and keep the serious amount of chocolate and cheese I consumed earlier in the day burning off.

It was a great, long workout and I found it the right time to seize the opportunity of recording a squat routine I have been doing for a few weeks now.  It’s to the song “Scream and Shout” and I usually do it at the end of my workouts for one last kick in the ass.  And a kick in the ass it was!!! Watch once before trying it out or just follow along.  You’ll feel the burn – I PROMISE!

And so, here is our babe on a budget at-home squat routine ;)

YouTube Scream and Shout Squat Routine

Only 5 minutes of your time needed!