• Arnold Press 3 sets of 12-15, 8 -20 pounds
  • Kettle Bell Swing with squat 3 sets of 15 5-20 pounds
  • TRX T-Fly 3 sets of 15
  • Kettle bell upright row w/sumo squat

Strong & sexy shoulders are a must for the fast approaching warm weather.  These exercises will help you rock that sleeveless top with confidence.

I like to mix things up with my workouts, so here we’re going to use a combination of the TRX, a Bosu, kettle bells & dumbbells.  If you don’t have kettle bells, use a dumbbell by placing your hands on either side.  If you don’t have a TRX, you can also use 2 dumbbells for a bent over row.  If you don’t have a bosu, you can just omit it.

It’s important when you work your shoulders that you hit all 3 heads, simply put, the front, the rear & the side

You’ll get all of that here.  Typically I like to do shoulders on leg days as there are a lot of combo moves you can do & who doesn’t love a multi functional workout?

Forgive the dark video, it’s a gloomy day, but this has encouraged me to go buy some lights today!