Hey there!  We’ve gotten a number of emails requesting our thoughts on Michael Olajide, Jr.’s Sleekify! book.  Mainly, should you purchase it?

I say, absolutely and I’ll tell you why.  This way you can make a more educated decision as to whether or not the book is right for you.

First off, why did I want to try this workout?  The obvious reason is the boxing aspect.  The underlying reason is the man himself.  Let’s rewind to the day we met Mr. Olajide.  You would never guess his age by his appearance.  He’s living proof that taking great care of your temple reaps great rewards.  Watching his passion for fitness and the grace with which he jumps rope, you can’t help but to be inspired.

As you know, I’ve taken boxing classes in the past.  Let’s just say that I’m not the most coordinated person.  My intention with this workout was to really get the boxing basics down in the comfort of my home.  No pressure and the guidance of a real life boxer.  Well it delivered!  I have perfected stances, throws and even upped my jump rope game.  So much so, that I have comfortably begun using my gyms punching bag as part of my usual routine. Boxing is such a great addition to any fitness routine.  I personally love the definition it gives my arms.

As you could probably surmise, I did not do the workout as prescribed.  But, for me the book did what I was hoping it would.  I will tell you this.  I obviously read the whole book and if you do the workouts as laid out, I have no doubt that you’ll see amazing results.

Here’s what the book offers.  It is a very thorough boxing tutorial.  In the first week, you work on the basics of boxing stances and throws as well as jumping rope.  Each workout consists of a warmup, aerobox, aerojump, aerosculpt and a cool down.  Are you seeing the pattern?  Aero, hence lots and lots of movement.  With all this power using your own body, you can see why there is no need for weights.  Each week, you’ll be introduced to new exercises that up your game.  It’s challenging to say the least.

What we love, it’s not just a workout.  You’ll also receive nutritional advice, you know how we love our clean eating!  There are also sample meal plans for your convenience.

If you’re like me and you already have a workout regime, this book is a great addition for everyone.  If you’re looking to find a new plan to follow to the letter and spend roughly 60 minutes a day, this is for you.  Remember, you only get out of things, what you put into them.  Diet and nutrition are 80% of our success.  Exercise is the icing on the cake that gives us strength and definition.

Good luck!  We would love to hear from you and what your thoughts on the workout are