Happy Monday!  For me, this is the happiest Monday in quite a while.  My bronchitis is almost a distant memory aside from a lingering random cough and I was able to finally go back to the gym last week.  With a 6:00am workout under my belt this morning, I’m raring to go!

Boy, talk about baby steps getting back in the gym.  You know I love my crazy and challenging workouts, but I’m a realist at heart.  I’ve lowered my weights significantly and am easing myself back.

Enter the Sleekify workout by Michael Olajide, Jr., no weights required.  We have so much to tell you about our day at Random House Friday, but today, we’ll focus on Michael.  Midway through our day of author panels enters Michael Olajide, Jr. of Aerobox, NYC.  Of course the fact that he is talking fitness already has our interest peaked.  He is soft spoken and passionate.  As Michael begins talking about his boxing background and the effectiveness of jumping rope, I’m hooked!

He makes it sound so simple, put on your favorite song and jump rope for 3 minutes.  He demonstrates proper rope jumping.  Believe it or not, it’s not the same as what we learned on the playground.  Done properly, it is a super efficient way to work your whole body and raise your heart rate.

I watch him in amazement from the moment he picks up the rope and begins to effortlessly whirl it in front of him.  He does it with such finesse that you can tell it’s second nature to him.  After his demonstration and a few answered questions during the Q&A session, I was eager to get home to retry  my  hand at jumping rope.  Ava also planned to pick one up this week.

What else does the program offer?  Shadow boxing!  It’s crazy how life hands you what you need when you need it.  Just a few weeks ago I was pondering getting a boxing basics video so that I can learn the techniques in the privacy of my home.  That was put on the back burner with sickness and a busy work schedule.  Meeting Michael Friday has recharged my love of boxing and given Ava and I the motivation to try his workout routine.  Did I mention he trains Victoria’s Secret super models?  Of course, I think that’s great, but I think it’s more important to be the best YOU, you can be.

We were given a free copy of Michael’s book, truth be told, we would have purchased it anyway.  We’re going to take this week to read the book and start the 28 day routine the following week.  Who doesn’t want to Sleekify their body?

I’m not one to size people up for their age, but when he matter of factly states that he’s 50, I feel like I have something to look forward to.  He is a true testament to the benefits of eating clean and staying fit throughout your lifetime.

I had my body fat testing this morning as well as my measurements taken, I’ll give you them and the update after I complete the program.

We encourage you to pickup a copy of his book or visit his gym in NYC at 121 West 27th Street.  You won’t be disappointed!