Moooooorning.  I am currently scarfing a Cinnamon Raisin english muffin topped w/ whipped cream cheese and guzzling Dunkin Donuts coffee as fast as my body will allow.  I had a few drinks last night (womp womp), and after a few weeks without drinking, I am feeeeeling it today.  Vodka waters; good for the waistline, bad for the headache.  Anyway, I thought I would get my carb fix in this morning as I am rushing off to bartend for a good 10 hours after I write this.

So I recently started taking Ballroom dance classes on 34th street thanks to a GroupOn that I forgot I purchased with a friend a few months ago.  Initially I wasn’t GUNG HO about it because I’m a brat and if I’m going to take dance class, it’s going to be at Broadway Dance Center.  But alas, BDC does not offer me a GroupOn for a month’s worth of classes for $20 (BDC, get on this ;) ).  So ballroom it was.

We missed the first two weeks of classes and jumped in at the third week.  Our first class was the Latin Hustle.  For me, picking up choreography is no sweat (get that dirt of your shoulder), but my poor friend was like “What.  The.  Eff.” Eventually we both had our groove though.  What I didn’t know was that they pair you up randomly and you switch partners throughout the class.  With the exception of a few Over-50 men doused in cologne and seeking divorcees, I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect.  It actually makes it more of a fun, social environment as opposed to a dance class that that I’m used to.   There is even a BAR outside the class room.  I walked in and was like “Hell, this is my kind of a studio”.

These classes are a great way to get moving and also have some fun!  Was I breaking out in a sweat? No, but I was definitely warm. I’d also made it to the gym yesterday morning for some HIIT workouts (which I will share tomorrow), so I was feeling great about getting a 2nd form of cardio in for the day.  I recommend ballroom classes to the person who fears a traditional workout, a person who is trying to switch their workout routine up, a person trying to meet new people, or anybody who wants to put heels on that they wouldn’t wear for any other occasion and feel sexy for a whole damn hour! (me!)

Take it to the floor for a new way to workout!

P.S., TOMORROW, I am finally recording my first video for our segment of dance/workout videos.  This is going to be fun, so be get your dancing face on STAT.