Hey there, well piggy backing on Ava’s supplement post yesterday, I wanted to elaborate on what we’re doing.  For everyday purposes, Ava and I are in pretty rockin shape.  You know we eat clean and workout regularly, but what we’re missing is that nice lean definition that shows with all of your hard work.

Let me tell you, we started following some pretty awesome girls on Instagram for inspiration and boy is that motivation.  Honestly, I was at a sub shop last week getting Mark lunch.  I began thumbing through Instagram as I waited and any thoughts I had to caving into a sub, were immediately squashed.  Please, he does that to me all the time.  It takes will power to live with a naturally slender man.  More often than not he asks me to stop by Friendly’s for an ice cream sunday when I leave the gym.  Man.   On the bright side, for us fit gals it’s more about being healthy than indulgence, no matter what size you are.  That is truly what keeps me going.

Onto the next level.  My trainer has recently recommended that I add supplements to my gym routine.  Ava took the bull by the horns and did a quick online questionnaire on Bodybuilders.com to get the right supplements for her.  As my trainer was on vacation at the time and I didn’t want to bother him with what I should be taking, I followed suit and within 3 days I had my package.  As Ava said, mine is a bit more aggressive than hers, but here is our chance to share with you our journey at two different levels.

I have to tell you, the results of the questionnaire were dead on.  It told me that I was in good shape, but probably had a pooch (damn you!) and that with supplements, clean eating and a solid workout routine that I could reach my results in 4 weeks.  Wow.  And so it begins.

Here is our before pic

Both packages came with fish oil pills, casein, a women’s multivitamin, whey protein, an intra workout supplement (during your workout) and amino acids.  The difference in my package is the amount of protein in my shake, the pre workout supplement, a fat burner, L-carnatin and CLA’s.  I’m still in the research phase of what everything does and when to take it, but we’ll keep you posted.  Ava’s pack is in the header of this post, here is mine below

I’m on day two and this is what I know so far, Ava’s right, the pre workout and intra workout drinks are amazing.  I was thinking this morning during my 5:30am workout that I felt as if I had been up for hours instead of trying to get my bearings.  I didn’t take the preworkout “Assault” this morning because when I took it last night it made my skin tingle, very weird.  But, upon asking my trainer this morning, he said that’s very normal and there’s nothing to worry about….keep taking it.  The fat burner, taken in the morning, does make me a little bit hyper, but nothing I can’t handle with proper eating.  I don’t drink coffee, so for me it’s the equivalent to a cup or so.  I wasn’t sure when to take the Casein, but again Igor (the trainer) told me to take it 30 minutes before bed with water only.  The pills are pretty self explanatory on the bottle, with our without food.

Well, here’s hoping that we post in 4 weeks with amazing physiques!  Why not join us on our fitness journey by taking your before pics and taking another in 4 weeks.  We know not everyone is at the same level, so wether you’ve got 50 pounds to lose or 5, keeping track of your progress is a great motivator.  We don’t always see what the mirror does, so don’t short change yourself!