Happy Friday! Excuse my language, but holy balls, it’s hot outside.  There’s no bigger reminder that summer is HERE and it’s time to be in our best swimsuit shape.  Some of you have already been to the beach multiple times (lucky ducks), as I and a few other New Yorkers I know haven’t even been in a bathing suit yet!

Pamela Anderson has said in interviews that she puts on a bathing suit once a day to keep tabs on what’s happening with her body.  Little Miss Baywatch is on to something.  Once a day may be a bit excessive, but the principle behind it is genius.  If you haven’t worn a suit yet, don’t you want to be smokin’ hot by the time you unveil the goods? Start putting on your suit in your off time and don’t necessarily “judge” yourself, but make mental notes of what you would like to see different on yourself.  Saggy butt and untoned

thighs? Squats are KILLER for shaping up those areas.  Can’t see those abs? Don’t eat a heavy meal before hitting the beach that may make you feel self-conscious.  I know it may be tough to put on a bathing suit and size yourself up in the mirror, but better to do it on your own time, right? We don’t want you stripping down for the first time in front of the town hottie and thinking “mother F! I didn’t know my legs would look like this!”

So congratulations, Pam, you’ve done one thing that’s note-worthy enough to make it onto this blog.  And to you guys – keep up the hard work and be the sexiest Fit Girl you can be!! ;)