We all know I’m in love with TRX workouts, well here’s another great product from the folks at TRX, the Rip Trainer.

I first heard of the Rip Trainer through a class that was being offered at my gym.  30 minutes of Rip Training.  I like a challenge, so I gave it a shot.  Boy, that was the toughest 30 minute workout ever!  Tough in a good way.  You get in a full body workout and you get your heart rate up.  I was hooked.  I took that class all summer.  It was a great addition to my usual routine.  I noticed changes in my physique every week.  If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.  Sadly, the class was discontinued in the fall.

The good news, I just purchased a Rip trainer for my home gym, it’s so awesome!

Like the TRX Suspension trainer, you can take this anywhere.  I have an X mount on my wall, but it comes with attachments for a door out outside use.

The Rip trainer is 4 lb bar attached to a resistance cord available in light, medium or heavy.  The farther away from the anchor point you are, the greater the resistance.  This is also true of your hand placement, the farther your hands are from the resistance cord, the more difficult the exercise.  These exercises are all meant to challenge your core, promote rotational development and increase power.

I love that the Rip trainer takes traditional moves and amps them up with speed and resistance, but my favorites are the moves that are aptly named after everyday movements and athletic moves.  There’s something empowering about performing a “Hockey Slap Shot” or an “Axe Chop”

If you’re lucky enough to have these at your gym, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.  If there isn’t a group class available, but you see the Rip trainer offered as a workout tool, be sure to ask for assistance.  As with any exercise, you want to do it right.  With a few quick tips on hand placement, posture and stance you’ll be ready to make this part of your usual routine!