Today isn’t so much of a workout as it is a quick overview of the TRX.  Although I’ve been using a TRX for more than a year, it’s come to my attention that not many of my friends actually know what it is.  I’ve noticed the evolution of its popularity within my own gym.  A year ago, there was only one available and it had to be used with the assistance of a trainer.  Now older locations are being retrofitted to support them and new locations are showcasing them in all their glory.  In my gym, you’ll find the TRX either on the turf for individual use or in a room for group classes.

This leads me to believe that you’ve seen one hanging around your fitness club at some point.  I think they look intriguing, but I don’t think I would venture out on my own.  That’s why I put this quick tutorial together.

This video will explain the TRX components and how to adjust them.  Going forward I’ll show you workouts you can take to the gym or the park.

I promise you, once you use it, you’ll be hooked!