Hey Again, you all know I’m a huge TRX fan, so I thought I’d start bringing you some moves to add to your current workout.

If you’ve seen my previous text on TRX, you’ll know that with suspension training you really bring all of your basic moves to the next level.  Remember, this was developed by a Navy Seal.

Today’s move is a Suspended One Legged Squat.  Make sure your TRX is in single handle mode.  If you’re not sure what this is, please ask a professional.  I could explain it, but if it’s not done properly, you could injure yourself and I don’t want that.  Place one foot in the foot cradle with your toes pointing towards the front of the room.  TRX is all about “earning your progression,” for this exercise, the further away your supporting leg is from the anchor point, the more difficult the move.  Start close to the anchor point and hop away to get the appropriate resistance.

Notice the smile in this pic, yeah it’s easy to hold this position, just wait…


Slowly lower into a squat position pushing your tush backwards as you lower and keeping your upper body upright.  Keep your weight on the heel of your supporting leg.  You’ll feel this in your inner thigh of the suspended leg and in the glutes of your supporting leg.  That’s some bang for your buck!  Return to the starting position and repeat for 30 seconds.  Switch feet and repeat on the opposite leg.  Do 3 sets and feel the burn :)

Ha, not so easy to hold this while my trainer takes a pic (thanks Dorian) just what I needed after a strenuous hour long workout