Here we are at the tail end of our vacation and my workouts didn’t necessarily go as planned.  I brought resistance bands, jump ropes & workout attire.  The gym here is so much more than lackluster as I’m sure you read from Ava, not really indicative of motivation.  Nevertheless, I still worked out, just not in your typical fashion!

Yes, I wore a bikini everyday and not being active in some way is totally not an option.  Instead, I opted for 3 mile beach walks everyday in the shallow water for a bit of resistance and taking the stairs to our 14th floor condo.  Not to mention trekking a beach cart filled with a 12×12 canopy, 5 lawn chairs, an umbrella & however many boogie boards and towels the thing will take through the sand.  That’s trip one.  Trip two is a diesel marine cooler.  Yes, legs burning, heart racing, tri’s bulging…feels good.  We also played paddle ball & tossed this awesome ball that bounces on the water.  Unconventional, yes, but still a workout.  I can’t wait to get home to get back into my usual routine, but I’m not going to beat myself up just because I didn’t get a gym workout.

Ava & I are actually headed to the beach with the fam this evening to do a beach body workout….pics and details to follow!  We have to get one in before we leave :)

Hope this inspires you to move, no matter what the circumstances!