Hey guys, Ava here. Back in the city after a whirlwind weekend! Tampa and then Miami – we sure had a blast! We were instagramming along the way (@thefitgirlsdish @avaimprota), but in case you missed those, here’s a glimpse of some of the fun we were able to get into.
Paddleboarding in Tampa! What a GREAT, great workout.  I would do this every day if I could!
View from our spectacular hotel room! Ahhhh.
Man, I hadn’t seen this beach in 4 years.  Never gets old, does it?

The mom and sis, out for a drink in Espanola Way.

Nonstop laughter and dancing at Mango’s.  Seriously, non-stop.  So much fun.

Everything about this trip was so spontaneous and we literally were figuring it out as went along. We actually got to SoBe and had no hotel reservations, so we pulled up to a hotel and booked it within 5 minutes; I don’t think it gets more spontaneous than that!!

So, do you guys have any upcoming vacations or Spring Break plans? We did manage to squeeze workouts in on this trip! Just because the trip was unplanned doesn’t mean that working out and eating well has to fall to the wayside. We got right to work on our first morning in Tampa with this circuit workout. We went to a park with a track, but if you don’t have a track you can certainly make do by jogging in place or just around your vacation spot’s neighborhood.

Repeat this 2x for a 30 minute full-body workout. I’m finding that it’s so important to work out not only in the weeks leading up to your vaca, but on the days you’re there as well. I know in the past I would be on POINT until I step off that plane and then all bets were off. Sugary cocktails, indulging in food, not being active – you name it. And that doesn’t really make sense now, does it?! It’s such a good feeling to be up and out, working up a sweat before you start your day (especially outdoors in the warm sun). You’re less likely to eat like a heifer later on, this I am sure of! ;)

For our last meal in South Beach we grabbed a bite at the famous Jerry’s diner.  Initially I wanted a pastrami Reuben SO badly, but then when I was giving my order I found myself asking for a mushroom and spinach egg-white omelette, my usual diner meal. And let me tell you, my tummy was so happy I ended up going with that choice! Sometimes food choices seem worth it in the moment, but mentally fast forward a half hour to when you’re back on the beach and feel too bloated to strip back down to the bikini. None of us want that! Take care of yourself so that you’ll feel fit and sexy for your whole vacation ;)

What do you have planned for your next vacation?! We want to know!!