Ladies, I’ve gotta few questions for ya.

Who do you dress for? Who do you work out for? Who do you want to look GOOD for?

If your answer is “for the men”, you’ve got it wrong. The answer is for yourself. And if it’s not 100% for yourself, it may be partially for other women. And that is totally OK. Because it’s not high school anymore, there are no rivalries. Women are coming together now more than ever to build that support system.

As Tosca Reno says, “Sisters in Iron”, and as I like to say “Girl Power”.  When I upload a pic to Instagram I do not have one guys approval in mind. Instead I think “my girls are gonna love this one!”.  Because lets face it – if you’re into fashion – you are NOT dressing for the dudes. And if you’re into Fitness – then yes, you obviously want to WOW your man when you’re naked, but your main critic is yourself when you strip down at the end of the night and glance in the mirror. You work out for yourself.

Quick story: A few years ago I was meeting my now ex (or whatever) for drinks for the first time. He had a good 9 years on me and as I was getting ready I was like “what the hell do I wear? Guys his age don’t get “trendy”. They see boobs, baby tees and tight jeans as stylish”. At least this is what I was thinking. My outfit ended up being skinny jeans, gladiator sandals and an off-the-shoulder gray and white tie-dye shirt from a thrift store on Melrose. Thats the best I could do. As time went on, he never did quite get my style. Did I care? At first. But after a while, it’s just like Screw it. This is me. You gotta dress for yourself first and foremost. And if they don’t come around to like your style, well, that’s why you work out to look good naked!  (ha ha)

Anyway, this all brings me to my new workout plan, courtesy of Oxygen Magazine’s Tough Love Workouts, the book that my mom highlighted sometime last week.  The workout plan focuses on one body part a day (ex, 4 bicep exercises), and gives you a list of other moves that work a different body part if you wish to incorporate more than one body part into a gym sesh.  Here’s the part where I step out of my comfort zone – machines.  I never ever use machines because they intimidate the hell out of me and I always assume they’re going to make me bulk up.

I LOVE muscle, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that I have to find the happy medium between looking good in a bathing suit and looking good in my fashion gear.  Fashionista’s with guns the size of Popeye are not really all that common these days, but I hope to find the balance between limp noodle and Popeye.  Today I am starting with biceps (which actually doesn’t require machines, whew) and some ab moves incorporated.  I will be sure  to give you guys more details on these workouts in the days to come.  I am starting this workout so that I can create a gym schedule, establish a plan and stick to it.  I’m doing it for myself.  And if I happen to look good for others, well, that’s a bonus.