Well, if you ask me, it’s my personal trainer, Igor Celzner.  But, now you can judge for yourself.

I’ve been training with Igor for just about a year now and within that year, I’ve come to love his passion for health and fitness.  Within that passion lies a special fondness for children.

About 6 months ago, Igor started a youth fitness class at the Edge Fitness called “365 Youth Fitness”.  While we were discussing the concept, Igor said something that I thought was rather poignant.  To loosely quote him, “as a trainer, we should be focusing on teaching children proper exercise and nutrition.  Why do we wait until people are out of shape adults that are now trying to reverse bad habits?”  Man, that really struck a cord with me.

Aren’t the best solutions the most simplistic?  I think that’s the best idea ever.  No running around a gymnasium performing tasks that you will vaguely remember as an adult, these are real exercises coupled with the knowledge of the working muscle group.  Genius!

As I persuade Igor to follow this passion as a career path, I see that the web series Fit or Flop is now accepting applicants for the 2014 season in their quest for America’s Top Fitness Star.  If you recall, Ava and I attended the premier of their 2013 season last year.  This is perfect, a great way to get out  his message.  Not to mention, if he wins, I believe he takes home a prize of $150,000.

I send Igor the information and let him decide for himself if this is something he would like to peruse or not.  Needless to say, he was interested.  Not one month later, he was in NYC with his group of students attending the preliminary rounds of auditions.  Well, he made it all the way to the judges, receiving a unanimous “Fit” from them all.

Now it’s up to us to vote to keep him on there.  I’m asking you guys to take a second out of your day, check Igor out on the Fit or Flop website and vote for him.  Voting is daily, and I know it’s a lot to ask, but we all know, you’re only as good as the support you have underneath you.


Thanks everyone!