Hey allllll.  So considering it’s the New Year and we all behaved a little poorly in regards to our eating habits over the holidays, I’ve made a pretty bold move..  I suspended my gym membership at NYSC until further notice.

Some of my commitments to myself for 2014 were to become a centered, less stressed and less neurotic New Yorker.  I wanted to float back into that positive, hopeful person that I once was before the craziness of  living in NYC started to attack my mental health.  I also want to do more things that make me happy.  What makes me happy? Dancing, hanging with friends, and exploring/falling back in love with the city.

I’ve been working the craziest hours, which gives me very little time to do things for myself.  The gym (which I used to enjoy) became a chore and my knees and legs would just be begging for a break the whole time.  For $90 a month and hardly any attendance on my part, this was my first inkling that maybe it was time to take a break on the gym membership.  I also came to realize that for a few years now I’ve been trying to use the gym to get my dancer body back and whatever I’m doing just has NOT been cutting it.  I started to think – maybe I could cancel my gym membership and put this $90 towards dance classes where I actually 100% enjoy myself and know delivers the results I’m looking for.  However, Broadway Dance Center is about a 40 min ride door-to-door for me..  I needed something closer to my apartment that would help me mentally and spiritually the same way that dance does.

Insert: Bikram Yoga NYC…

This GORGEOUS studio on Upper East Side’s 83rd street almost put me to tears when I walked in.  I felt home immediately.  The instructors knew it was my first class and gave me a great big welcome.  They also paid special attention to me during the class, and told me what an amazing job I did afterwards.  Guess the dancer in me wasn’t SO far lost :)

Bikram is so incredible and I can’t believe my fear of passing out during the class has kept me out of it this long.  Even though I thoroughly enjoyed Spinning, the entire time I would be thinking about the 1,000 things I had to do when the class was over. In Bikram, my mind is lost in the concentration of my body and the relaxing moments it has to offer.  My favorite position is Buddha Belly, ya know..where ya just let it all hang out ;)

The introductory package is so darn affordable ($39 for 30 days) and Bikram Yoga NYC even offers $8 classes at least once a day at all of their locations.

In 2014, I’m less focused on the calorie burn and more concerned about the health of my mind and well-being.  And if I can tone by mind AND my body at the same time, well..that’s just great.  My gym membership is still on hold, so I haven’t COMPLETELY jumped the gun..but who knows – maybe in a few months I won’t want to see a gym whatsoever!