Hello Readers!  We are so exited for this month’s blog posts.  June 2nd, marked the one year anniversary of The Fit Girls Dish!  Boy has it been a great year.  From, what are we doing?  To, people are really listening to us!  Every time we’re approached, emailed, tweeted, facebooked or instagramed, it’s the best compliment.  Really, we appreciate every follow, like, retweet, favorite, hashtag and the up close and personal; I follow your blog, I Love it!  We can’t explain how awesome it is to be able to share your passions with people who get you and appreciate what you do.  I mean, come on, we all love us some validation right?  Everything sounds great in theory when 10 of your besties say, yeah that’s a great idea, do it!  But it’s totally different to reach out to a whole new audience successfully.

If you’re a regular to the site, you may have noticed some subtle changes.  Well there’s more to come!  We’ve been feverishly working with Digital Surgeons of New Haven (hello they just won a coveted Webbie) on our new logo to be unveiled at the end of the month.  We’re a brand now baby, time to represent!  The sky’s the limit.  Our new logo will not only be the face of FGD, but it’s going to be featured on select athletic apparel and items that will be available for purchase through the site.

This month we’re going to keep our same posting routine, but we’re going to mix it up by doing giveaways that correspond with a lot of our posts, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  We’re going to revisit some favorites and offer up some new things.  We hope you stay tuned for this month’s features and surprises.  Don’t forget to check in daily and enter to win some awesome gifts!

OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY!  Checkout  below why we love TRX then enter to win a one hour personal TRX training session with me, Steph.  If you’re not in my area, we’ll do a brief Q&A, then you’ll get your very own personalized workout sent to you!


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Good Luck, here’s to another great year with our awesome readers!  Thanks for all the love & support!

xoxo Steph & Ava


Hello, this is one bad ass workout!  The TRX mantra is “Your Body is Your Machine” that says it all.  There’s no better workout than using your own body weight as resistance, think pull-ups.  As you progress, you’ll see you can support more of your weight, therefore constantly making your workouts more challenging.

You can take this workout anywhere!  You can put a permanent mount in your ceiling, use the provided door anchor to workout in any room or take it outside.  Suspend it from a tree, a fence or my favorite, a jungle gym.

Results, results, results.  This is a great addition to your current routine.  You can do an all TRX workout or incorporate exercises along with more traditional ones

Don’t be shy, take a class or ask your trainer to incorporate it into your current routine!