Well Hello There!

I’m so sorry, the last two months have not been my best posting months.  I think the winter really got to me in the way of motivation.  Plus, I wasn’t doing too many fun things to post about.  No one wants to hear that I’m chillin in my comfy bed another day after work because it’s just too damn cold out!

But not anymore!!!!

I had the best Sunday Funday ever!  Traditionally, if we were to have a Sunday Funday it would revolve around drinking and food, but not today.

Today was my “rest day” from the gym.  But rest day doesn’t mean, “don’t be active.”

One of our past wedding clients, Taryn & Nick have since become my very good friends.  She and her husband are always active.  They’ve asked me numerous times to go rock climbing with them and for one reason or another, I’ve bailed.  Mostly again because of the crappy winter.

Today we joined forces for a morning hike up Sleeping Giant mountain.  It was a perfect day.  Mid 60′s, sunny, lovely.  We were headed up the main trail, just a curve or two away from the top when all of the sudden Nemo (the dog) escaped her harness and ran 1/4 of the way down the mountain before we caught her!  It was then as we ascended back up the mountain that we decided to venture off on the color coded trails.  What a great idea.  We saw brooks, cliffs and some difficult terrain.

As we were ready to part ways I said, “don’t stop asking me to rock climb, I’ll do it one of these days”.  So Nick,  replies, why not go later today?  I think, exactly, why not?

I head home to drop Nemo and  grab Mark for a quick lunch.  We then return home to grab his boys Tyler & Brenner and head to meet Taryn & Nick at the rock climbing park.  So cool!

Personally, I’m afraid of heights, so it was a few tries before I could make it to the top.  We had so much fun!  Taryn & Nick were such great sports.  They had climbed for an hour before our arrival, thank goodness.  They were the ones who, in my layman’s terms, were our “spotters”.  We all had such a great time.  By the end, we were all on the floor in jello mode.  Now I call that a great day!

So why the heading “Workout Buddies?”  Well, Mark and I workout together, usually at 5am, but if I’m not feeling it, I know that sweet spot on his chest to lay my head and make him stay in bed.  Having your partner as your workout buddy is the best, but what about active friends?  We all read about hanging with like minded people, but that doesn’t always happen.  I have a lot of friends that workout, but we all workout differently and mostly in the gym.  Even Mark, we go to the gym together, but don’t workout together.

I feel so fortunate to have new friends who are up to multiple fitness activities in a day.  What a better way to spend the day off?  Oh, I’m seriously hurting right now, but in a good way.  Using new muscles and tackling fears.   Yes, I climbed that rope suspension, that was my favorite.  I really think this could be our new family activity and I’m grateful to have been exposed to it.

What’s your favorite activity to do with a buddy?