Hey gang, what’s happening today?  I am ready for some warmer weather around here, but that goes without saying.  Our NYC apartment has been absolutely FREEZING this past week.

Friday I was so cold and miserable that I told myself I would make it an Off day from the gym and stay indoors until I had to go to work in the evening.  But even though I didn’t go to the gym, I still managed to get a workout in.  I was on the couch thinking “I can’t shower yet! I’m too cold to strip down”, then I remembered a DVD that came in my KlutchKlub this month: TurboFire.  A 20 minute “bonus” workout DVD was just what I needed.  I’d seen Turbo Fire mentioned on other blogs and was really interested to try it out.

Turbo Fire is brought to you by the Beach Body team and consists of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) drills to really condition your body and get your cardio on in just a few minutes.  HIIT is a verrrry popular way to burn calories quicker and more effectively than a standard run on the Dreadmill would.

This workout was FAST PACED, entertaining, fun and definitely had me sweating.  Jump squats, burpees, and explosive jumping jacks are a few things you can expect to see.  At times I could not keep up and also had to stop and laugh at myself for how ridiculous I assume I looked while performing the exercises.  A litttttle too peppy and cheerleader-ish for me, and I would never replace the gym to rely on these workouts alone, but I’ll keep this DVD on the back burner for when I can’t make it to the gym and need a 20 minute fix.

Overall I’d say – Try TurboFire! Feel silly and feel the burn.

You can check out this YouTube video to get the gist of the workout :)