Hey there, and Happy Monday.  I’m coming off of a crazy back-to-back wedding weekend and feeling oh-so-dazed.  We had such a blast, but I am so thankful to have today to stay in sweatpants and give my face a break from makeup, as well as get some things done!

Whirlwind wedding weekend; Round 1.

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Let me preface this 2 Ingredient Pancake post by saying that I realize these do not look all that appetizing.  I even debated on posting these pictures, because the more I look at them the more I tilt my head like,  ”Huh?”.  But the truth is, these pancakes never come out looking all that pretty.  However, they do taste AMAZING, and isn’t that what’s important?

My pancakes often involve a mess of toppings (clearly), and this batch was topped with melted PB2 and tons of cinnamon.  But enough about aesthetics, let’s talk ingredients.

Two eggs, One banana.  That’s it.  You may have seen this “recipe” before – I have been seeing it on social media for years.  However, I though it was a good idea to do a post on them to give some tips on how to make them successfully.  Since these are flourless, it is VERY possible that without some cooking tips you will wind up with an egg scramble as opposed to pancakes (this happened to me the first few times I tried to make them).

If you have a blender, I suggest throwing the two eggs and banana in there to blend for about 10 seconds.  Just enough to smooth the banana out.  If you don’t have a blender, just pour ingredients into a bowl and whisk your heart out.

The #1 trick to making these is to keep your pancakes relatively small, as the consistency is much, much harder to flip and if you pour too big a cake you will fail miserably at flipping.

Cook the same way you would regular pancakes – the outsides will start to bubble and then you will flip to find a yummy, golden colored cake.  These will cook way faster than your typical pancake, though.  This recipe will make about 6 small pancakes, so be sure to spray the pan with non-stick spray in between each round.

The last batch I cooked I “burned”, however fried egg + a fried banana = deliciousness.  These are sweet, fluffy, entirely guilt-free and make a great snack or meal at any time of day.

So, keep your pancakes small, keep your eyes on them as they cook a tad faster than regular pancakes, and try to savor them instead of inhaling them as I usually do.  Let me know if you make them!