Hey guys! Welcome to our 2 Week Slimdown Challenge! As mentioned yesterday, we’re really feeling the need to flatten the belly and tone up after indulging so freely over the holidays.  We have only a few days to get you slimmed down for that NYE cocktail dress, but at the end of 2 weeks you’ll feel your sexiest and motivated to keep up the hard work.

We created a grocery list and meal plan (linked below), and we encourage you to download and print both of them.  For your meal plan we have relatively strict guidelines: You will be eating 3 meals a day, each containing a lean protein (egg whites, chicken, fish, tofu), a starchy complex carb (sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans) and a complex carb from fruits & veggies (unlimited amount of these!) In between these 3 meals you will have two belly-flattening snacks.  This meal plan will never have you hungry as you will be eating something every 2-3 hours.

Ever heard the term “6pack abs starts in the kitchen?” If not, where the HECK have you been?! Just kidding.  But it’s true.  Can’t eat like crap and get the results you want..ya just can’t.  Combine this meal plan with slightly more vigorous workouts than you would usually do, and in 2 weeks we will all be looking SLAMMIN’.  I myself am going to incorporate more HIIT workouts and cardio along with my strength training.  We’ll have your first official workout up tomorrow, but for today complete the Banish the Bloat Warmup we did after Thanksgiving before your usual routine.  (If you’re looking for more guidance of a workout to do, yesterday I did a circuit of burpees, jumping lunges & squats to really feel the burn).

Attack that grocery list after work tonight – it may look long, but most of the list can be found on the outer perimeters of your grocery store, so hit those areas first! :)

Keep us up to date with your progress and as always, if you have questions ASK!

Who’s ready to get slim?


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2 Week Slim Down Grocery List

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