Whew, talk about living life to the fullest.  You know from my rantings that it’s currently a very rare state for Mark and I have time off together.  For our sanity we shut down our catering company between Christmas and New Years.  That gave us a glorious day to rekindle our relationship in the big city.

You probably know by now that we’re grazers.  Thankfully Mark and I are on the same page when it comes to how we like to spend our day.  We stop to eat wherever we want and eat whatever we want on these very rare days.  Of course, cocktails are a mandatory addition.  I waiver between keeping it clean and indulgence.  Hey, at least I’m not throwing away the whole day!

First up, Grand Central Oyster Bar.  For years we’ve heard about an oyster bar in Grand Central that was a must try.  For some reason, we assumed it was a spot for the well dressed crowd on the upper level, I have no idea why.  When we arrived in Grand Central last week, I exclaimed;  let’s look for the oyster bar.  We headed upstairs, nothing.  I asked a hostess at another restaurant and she directed us to the lower level with explicit directions.  Wait, what?  When we arrived it was as if we found a hidden gem.

There is was as if it’s been there forever.  Well almost, 1913 to be precise.  If you get a chance, please pop on their webpage to view the history of the restaurant, it’s quite intriguing.

It’s so cool and packed.  We didn’t venture too far into the restaurant and ended up at what I call cafeteria style seating at seats that resemble a diner counter.  Oysters were everywhere!  I was drooling when we were handed the menu.  You can get fresh oysters from coast to coast.  All attributes were listed as well as location.  In the time that Mark and I were seated we met two different guests that sat next to us.  The first a former Greatful Dead roadie, the next a retired financier both of whom were native New Yorkers.  We ended up sharing oysters with the retiree.  It was amazing to see the different sizes, shells & brines….so good!

Of course I didn’t take any food pics, but I did take a picture of my Alagash and Blood Mary oyster shooter.  Ew, the oyster in the shooter was reminiscent of my younger days when you were dared to eat the worm in the tequila.  When in Rome, but I definitely wouldn’t repeat.  The oysters and experience didn’t disappoint.  We were told that upon our next visit we should dine in the Saloon, that it’s another experience in and of itself.  There are many other great items on the their menu.  I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Ah, onto our lunch destination: Rolf’s German Restaurant, 281 3rd Avenue.  This was for Mark.  He loves German food, me not so much, but isn’t love about a little sacrifice.  I had heard from a reliable source…Ava, that Rolf’s was the place to visit during the holiday season as they’re decked out to the nines.  That it was.  Food, not bad, but not amazing.  I opted for French onion soup and an apple crepe. Definitely a treat.  I have no idea what Mark got, not anything I would ever be interested in, but his feedback wasn’t stellar.  The soup was by far the best part of the meal, very good, loads of cheese so I only only ate half.  The crepe was light on filling so I only at the center part at the fold.  Ambiance, no Germans in sight.  I think I had the delusion of servers in lederhosens.  Ava’s right, it’s a beautiful sight at Christmas time, it definitely gets you in the spirit.  I think I’ll take her advice and visit the bar for a holiday cocktail next time and skip the food.

Now for some retail therapy…ahhh Hermes :)  Mark gave me a beautiful Hermes bracelet for Christmas, but not the best color.  This little trip was so much better because we were able to pick out a bracelet together.  Very fun!

Killing time to meet Ava & Tom we head down to Rockefeller Center.  I thought I wanted to see the tree, but there were so many people I wanted to pull my hair out!  So onto the next restaurant to wait.

Del Frisco’s Grille, 50 Rockefeller Plaza.  Nice bar, nice ambiance, not too busy.  This is where my clean eating really goes to pot.  I’m a SUCKER for onion rings.  I probably indulge twice a year, it’s not really on the brain, but as I peer a stack of gloriously huge rings out of the corner of my eye….I must have them.  A glass of wine, great company, a stack of onion rings and a tomato burrata salad complete our eating fest for the day.  Sooooo good and soooo worth it!  I don’t know if this is a destination spot, but if you’re in the mood for saddling up to a nice bar for a quality app and a cocktail, this is the place to stop.

So there you have it.  3 restaurants, one day, countless calories and priceless memories.