Sooo this meal may not look appetizing, but I assure you it is mighty delicious.  In the summertime I really make an effort to eat veggies at every meal, and keep my proteins lean.  What better to do that than veggies and tofu?! If you eat enough delicious veggies, you’ll feel just as full after as if you had eaten a cheeseburger, only without the greasy guilt sitting in the pit of your stomach after.


1 Bell Pepper

Medium-Firm Tofu

1 Portabella Mushroom Cap

Quinoa or Brown Rice of your choice

Taboule Salad

The great thing is that with these two key ingredients to the meal, most of the work is done for you!  I really am not a fan of taking copious amounts of time to prep my food, so when I find ready-to-serve items like this Taboule salad and an amazing 90 second microwavable quinoa, I am pumped.

To make this 5 minute meal:

Take your firm tofu and pat the water out with a paper towel, then place in a skillet on medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

While the tofu starts to cook, rinse and chop peppers of your choice and throw in the same skillet, similar to how you would a stir-fry.

In another skillet, take a portabella mushroom cap and warm it up for about 2 minutes on each side, medium heat.

Don’t forget to pop in the microwavable quinoa!

Ta-Da! You can choose to keep all the cooked parts separate for a prettier plate, but clearly I just like to throw everything together so I can enjoy all the flavors at once.  It is soooo tasty!