Losing weight is difficult.  You know it, I know it.  It can be such a daunting  task, and putting so much pressure on a “diet” can ultimately cause a crash and burn situation.  Expectations are too high, plus we’ve gotta LIVE right? What most don’t realize is that its the little swaps we can make throughout the day that will REALLY cause us to see positive change.

1.  Skip the white bread.

I’m Italian.  Bread is the best thing on Earth.  What is life without bread? I get it.  It is very rare that I’m home at my Grandma’s for a home-cooked meal and very rare that I go out to an Italian dinner in the city, so when I AM in those situations, I indulge.  If a warm basket of bread is sitting in front of me, you bet your bottom dollar the only chance I have at not diving in is to literally sit on my hands and stop myself.  So when it isn’t a special occasion, opt for Whole Wheat or Sprouted Grain bread.  The first ingredient on your store-bought bread should be 100% Whole Wheat! If that isn’t listed first, then the bread is loaded with additives and just claims to be WW.  Make sense?

2.  Swap Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream

Homemade quesedillas with a side of Greek Yogurt? Sign me up.  TRY THIS, and I promise you will never be able to taste the difference.  Sour cream is yummy but fattening, and greek yogurt will give you the same tangy taste, except with a protein punch.

3.  Soda for Sparkling

Swap your sugary, carbonated drink for a Sparkling water.  As an ex Diet Coke fiend, I can tell you from personal experience that ditching the soda is easier than you think.  Your blood sugar levels mellow out (a can of soda can have up to 39g sugar!!!! Is that not mind blowing?!), and your cravings stop spiking.  Sparkling water, or even regular water with some infused fruit or mint is just as satisfying, if not more satisfying since it is filling you up, hydrating you, and keeping your blood sugar stable.  If you’re an avid soda drinker, skipping it will allow you to end your day with up to 500 calories less!

4.  Swap heavy cream for skim/non-dairy

Start your day with a large coffee w/ 3 cream and 2 sugars? YIKES.  You could be consuming up to 200 calories, and that’s just in your morning coffee! Especially when ordering on the go, we really don’t know the quality of the cream or sugar that’s getting put into our morning cup.  Switching to skim milk or non-dairy (almond, soy, rice) and skipping the sugar will slash calories intensely.  Opt for a tbsp of coconut oil in your coffee, or a drizzle of pure agave for some sweeteness.

5.  Go for unsalted nuts

In recent years, it’s become common knowledge the nuts provide a healthy dose of fats (the heart-healthy kind!), thus becoming GOOD for us to snack on.  High in fat, these must be consumed in moderation.  What’s more – many people don’t realize that these need to be unsalted to be considered a healthy snack! Blue Diamond has what seems like hundreds of delicious flavors, and unfortunately they are all loaded with seasonings and sodium.  For the best option, skip to plain old unsalted nuts.

Hope you’re having a healthy and happy summer!



(post pic courtesy of Have Baked Harvest!)