Hello all! So lately a lot of people have been saying things to me along the lines of – “We like when you provide very straight forward tips for being healthy or losing weight”.  I think this is best done in numbering format.  Doesn’t get any more straight forward than that, right?! So here we have 5 tips to rid yourself of that stubborn layer of tummy fat….

1.  Know your body.  The best way to avoid feeling bloated is to avoid the food that make you feel that way! Pay attention to what you’re eating and how you feel afterwards.  I eat french fries and Reese’s peanut butter cups every now and then (not together!) because I love them, but I immediately feel bloated afterwards.  If I’m serious about keeping it slim, I’ll pass on my salty and sweet favorites.  To add to this: Don’t GIVE UP sweets.  That is setting an unrealistic goal for yourself, which essentially guarantees that you’ll binge eat on sweets sooner or later.  Instead, take a break from sweets for a week.  This is an attainable goal that you can pat yourself on the back for and fully indulge in dessert when you go out to that fancy shmancy restaurant on Saturday.

2. Drink lots of water.  OK, you know this one, I know.  But even though you know you should be drinking a ton of water, chances are you aren’t.  Water does a number of things for you – it helps you hold out on snacking, it flushes out your system, it makes your tummy feel flat, it makes your skin bright and clear, it keeps you energized..to name a few.  You can do no wrong!

3.  Eat well balanced meals and snacks.  When you prepare bright, colorful and delicious meals you’ll feel good about yourself, I promise! You’ll feel even better when your stomach doesn’t flare up whatsoever.  (Hello, 2 Week Slim Down!)

4.  Make simple substitutions.  If you drink cream with your coffee, sub for skim, soy or almond milk.  Have cream once a week if you must.  Instead of butter on your toast, try almond or apple butter.  Substitute butter with olive oil or non-stick spray when cooking.  Substitute more veggies on your pizza instead of extra cheese.  The little things make a difference!

5.  Stay active.  Again, you know this already.  But do you take the initiative? Don’t be lazy! Living in New York City, I have no choice but to be active.  I rely on my feet to get me anywhere and everywhere.  The colder weather definitely puts a damper on our outdoor activities, I will give you that, but take the stairs whenever you can, get up from your desk and walk around for a bit, jog in place when you have 5 minutes to get your heart pumping before starting your day.  The more you work your muscles, the better you will feel!!!

Take the steps necessary to make yourself feel amazing.  Nothing is unachievable!