As most of you were enjoying a beautiful long Labor Day weekend, we spent much of last week preparing for 3 weddings on Saturday.  Needless to say, that lead to a few sleepless nights.  This isn’t typical for us, but there was such a connection with each of these couples that we had to make it work.

As Forks & Fingers grows, I realize I have to relinquish a bit more control than normal.  I’m a big believer in the saying “you’re only as good as the people who work for you.”   What’s the best way to ensure your service doesn’t suffer?  Bring in your family!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my family.  I went with the divide and conquer method.  Thank goodness, Mark is an excellent executive chef and organizer with his own great crew.  The kitchen is one area I don’t have to think twice about.  With my most solid support staff strategically placed among the events, it was time to put key people in charge.  Chloe took the day off from work to manage our friend Tucker’s garden wedding that was held at Yale’s presidents house.  Ava came in from the city to bartend a tented estate wedding in Orange that was managed by Ali, my assistant/event manager in training.  While I was managing a beautiful farm wedding in Oxford.

In our business, you can tell people what you do, but they don’t get the magnitude of it until they actually see it.  All the minute details.  We’re not just a caterer.  We approach every event as if it were our own, taking part in not just the food, but the design of the wedding.  So many details from building a complete kitchen in hours to setting up a venue to make it look as if we’ve been there for weeks.  Ava hasn’t worked for us in at least 4 years and my have things changed.  Nothing made my day more than the text I received from her telling me how proud she was of Mark and I and what we’re doing.  It literally brought tears to my eyes.  Tears of joy that is.  She even sent me a little video of her event, what a sweetheart.

After many client meetings with Chloe, Ali, Mark and myself I felt confident things were going to go off without a hitch.  There were minor things here and there, as to be expected, but everyone kept there phone calls to me to a minimum and managed their events flawlessly.  Ava took on the majority of the slack at the bar as her co bartender is fresh off of shoulder surgery.  Even my stepson Tyler helped out.  With lots of day before setup, he was unhand to load trucks and get things where they need to be.  The fact that the everyone jumped in when we needed them and did it with a smile on their face, makes me the happiest mom in the world.

As they say, it takes a village.  My village might be small, but it’s certainly mighty.  I’m someone who rarely asks for help, but it’s nice to know it’s there if you need it :)

Here’s a few photos.  Food photos were taken by Manny Vargas.  The arial shot was taken by Jeff Ginty of Durkins tent with his new toy drone :)

This beautiful arbor was built by Dan Rich as a surprise for his wife Erin