Helllloooo 2016!

By the time the new year hits we are all feeling a little too snug in our jeans and a little too panicky at the sight of our CC bill.  While these are tough times, the upside is of course the intentions of starting the year with our best and healthiest foot forward.  Let January be the month of budget-friendly, body-friendly days with Green Blender superfood smoothies.  This smoothie delivery service starts at just $3.90 a serving (as opposed to the $11 the green juices in NYC tend to go for) and comes with fantastic recipe guides as well as all of the ingredients needed to make yummy smoothies!

You can choose how many smoothies you would like to purchase, as well as the day it will be delivered.  All of your ingredients are individually packaged and labeled, making it so fun and easy to build the perfect smoothie.

Each recipe has a thorough description of what the drink is intended for; some are detoxing, some are meal-replacement, high protein, etc.  It really is so cool!

YUM.  I don’t know why I’ve never purchased mint for myself to put in smoothies; it was absolutely delicious.

Greens, fruits, nuts, boosters, coconut milk…it comes with everything!

Each smoothie was amazing and not only did I find it very cost-effective, I really enjoyed not having to worry about the hassle of building a good-tasting drink.  I’m always in a rush, and I loved throwing all of my pre-packaged ingredients into the blender and running out the door!

Visit their website HERE and get 2016 started the right way with your own GB delivery! There are special offers for your first order!

Have a great start to your week.