Hey guys! Happy Saturday.  I just got off Instagram and see that a lot of my friends are out of town, headed to the beach, on a boat, etc.  So you know this is going to be a quick one, as I am dying to get outside myself!

So yesterday I was getting ready to put some peanut butter on rice cakes/make a PB jelly sandwich for the ride to work.  Yes, I was on a PB kick because the fridge was looking bare and so I had to turn to the pantry for food answers.  I grabbed the usual all natural peanut butter, noticed there was also a jar of Jif behind it and grabbed that too.

The only reason why I even had a jar of Jif was from when we went grocery shopping in Myrtle Beach.  We got a jar of PB suitable for everyone since we had a male, non-healthy eater in the group.  Before this I had only bought all natural for the last year or two.

Obviously I had to open the Jif and try it – it’d been so long since I had this kind of peanut butter.  And holy cooooow..SO good.  So creamy.  I couldn’t stop.  I was thinking JEEZ would it be that bad if I sat on the couch and housed this whole thing right now!?

I decided to put the two together and compare nutrition facts.


 You may not be able to see clearly, but the main difference between the two is the amount  of salt in the Jif.  Obviously an all natural butter is better for you because it is in its most natural state – duh – none of those added ingredients our bodies don’t need, but in that moment I decided that one amazingly good PB & J sandwich with Jiffy wouldn’t be the worst thing I could do!

I also knew it was time to put the Jif down when my bracelet had PB on it (notice the spoon?)

I think in the future I will keep both on hand!  The all natural will be good for my powering breakfasts and the Jif can be a kind of treat.

What’s your favorite brand of Peanut Butter? Are you an all natural lover?

Also: My favorite text from yesterday….

;)  Oooook, time to get my tan on and my magazine read on for an hour or two! ;) Talk to you later!