Hi there! As you guys have seen previously, we at FGD are serious advocates of Aloha products.  I honestly in all this time of blogging have never felt more passionate about a brand.  The concept, the packaging, the taste, the products themselves..I’m just obsessed.  And to add to my obsession, the company KEEPS coming out with new products! In addition to the chocolate bars, trail mix, chocolate protein powder, coconut water powder and essential greens that I already have, the company continues to launch new protein bars and teas!

These peanut butter chocolate chip bars are the perfect to have on hand for when I am on the go.  Most of the time I find myself scarfing them down mid-way through a bartending shift.  Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, and made with ingredients you can actually pronounce – THAT, my friends, is the kind of protein bar you want to have in your bag! Check out the full detail description at the bottom of this post.

And for teas – I currently only have the Beauty Tea and Lover’s Tea in my cabinet, but I got my mom the whole kit and caboodle for Christmas and now she’s got quite the collection of teas! They’re super affordable, caffeine-free and delicious.  In the Winter I really do love me some herbal tea.

Beauty tea ingredients:

Organic Juniper Berry
Organic Green Rooibos Leaf
Organic Hibiscus Flower
Organic Rosehip
Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry
Organic Dandelion Root

I’m telling you – Aloha products make you feel great, inside and out.  They just make me miss summer so badly!

Have fun shopping around the Aloha site, and feel free to use code FGD20 for 20% of your order!