Ok, I’m gonna say it……SACRIFICE

Alrighty, let’s talk about the one word that none of us self-absorbed beyotches want to think about, let alone welcome into our lives.  Sacrifice.  Let’s take one thing in your life you indulge in, (for this example we’ll use food/beverages..shopaholics, this post ain’t for you) and consider it removed until further notice.  For some of you this may be candy or sweets..for me it is BEER. That amazing, icy cold, perfectly poured Stella.  Once I started kicking ass with my workouts and eating clean, I had to face the fact that my BFF Stella would only be able to make rare appearances in my life.  This is how my realization came about…..I wake up, go to a Total Body Conditioning class at NYSC, follow every step laid out in my food diary (see food diary post HERE) , work a 7 hour shift at the bar and then stay for another 3 hours pounding back Stella’s…I mean only one (mom!).  Next day I wake up bloated as hell like what the heck?! I did everything right yesterday.. Oh wait, no I did not.  Those Stellas just canceled out all the hard work I put in the day before.  This is a problem with most women.  We use deluded rationalization to get us through our days..“I can eat this cheeseburger because I went to the gym today”. Again, no.  Indeed that does sound lovely but if that’s how you want to live your life you’re setting yourself up for failure and a pooch in your Herve Leger party dress.

I’ve since welcomed sacrifice into my life.  I’ve learned to love vodka soda splash of cran, and when I’ve stuck to my guns with my fitness and food routine for a few days, I treat myself to that icy cold Stella and let me tell you, it suddenly tastes SO much better than those late nights I was swiggin recklessly ;)

My point being..sacrifice doesn’t have to be bad.  TEASE&TREAT YOURSELF, that’s half the fun.  And when you do reward yourself with the Stella or choc chip cookie dough, you’ll know that you damn well earned it.


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