This past Thursday, momma Steph and I had the opportunity to attend the IFIC (International Food Information Council) Media Briefing and Luncheon titled “Are All Fats Created Equal?”.  It was hosted at one of NYC’s top, top restaurants, Le Bernadin.  Not only is Le Bernadin a Michelin star restaurant, but reservations are extremely difficult to come by, so when we had the chance to try a menu designed by Eric Ripert, we were thrilled!

The luncheon was led by guest speakers William Harris, a Scientist and Professor, and Bonnie Taub-Dix, a Nutritional Consultant.  The discussions were mainly focused on the progression of fats, and how people perceive them today.  The IFIC also offered statistical data on the perception of fats from past generations compared to the perception of the next generation.  We were reminded that a few years ago all everyone wanted to buy was the “fat-free” version, which they didn’t understand at the time was laden with sugar, which is just as detrimental to the waistline.  Fat was the enemy! Now, the millennial generation holds more knowledge to the fact that while the fried foods are clearly not healthy for us, there are plenty of heart-healthy varieties of fats out there today (AVOCADO, ANYONE?).  This is great, however the problem still lies within one word: Moderation.

These discussions definitely hit home for us, because you know here at FGD we are always promoting portion control and moderation! I’ve said it so many times – avocados are delicious and heart-healthy, but that doesn’t mean we can have them at every meal or shove spoonfuls of guac into our mouths.  Avocado, unsalted nuts, olive’s great that people are getting over their fear of fats and indulging in good cholesterol foods, however unfortunately there is still the possibility of having too much of a good thing! I know, it sucks.  Indulge in fats, just be sure to measure your portions, burn more than you consume, and get plenty of other food groups in the mix! Embrace the fat! Yes, I said it.

Now, on to the food.  I honestly had no intention of taking photos so as not to be rude, but everything was so beautifully presented and mouth-wateringly good that I maaaay have snuck my iPhone up over the table for a few photos.

First course:


Barely Cooked Scallop

Brown Butter Dashi (poured over the dish once it was plated)

Main Course:


Halibut, Zucchini Caponata

Merlot-Black Olive Emulsion (again, added to dish once it was plated)


Melon PassionFruit

Ginger Scented Melon “Bomb”

Passion Fruit Macaron

Coffee and delicious little cakes!

Holy Cow, this meal was incredible.  The perfect lunch, as you never want to be so full from a midday meal that you feel like rolling over before you get up from the table.

As a scallop fanatic, I couldn’t believe how each forkful was better than the last; I savored every bite.  The halibut was meaty and flaked perfectly, while the zucchini kept the dish light and flavorful.  Dessert – oh gosh.  I am not ever one for sweets, and especially not one for sweets.  However, this melon bomb was made of white chocolate and just oozed of a delicious compote once punctured with a spoon.  Sorbet, fruit, and a ridiculously soft macaron made for the perfect dessert, even for the non-sweets girl that I am!

Thank you IFIC for hosting this luncheon and inviting us to be a part of it.  We will continue to share our knowledge of fats (the good and the bad!) to our readers :)