Any day I get to go full-on grocery shopping is a happy day for me.  I know, DORK.  I love to go out to eat as much as the next New Yorker, but it amazes me how much money I can save just from a weekly trip to the store.  Also, now that the temperature is steadily creeping up, I’m thrilled to see that food stands and fruit carts are starting to appear all over the city again.  It makes me want to eat green, as opposed to eating red and white in the form of pizza..

Bright, beautiful colors.  I didn’t go quite as crazy as that day I spent doing Veggie Prep, but this still makes ya girl’s heart sing.  I got a ton of sweet potatoes, rice cakes, avocados, granola, oatmeal, quinoa and spices for the cabinet.

Been looovin’ the fact that our neighborhood grocery store upped their game and got Bison meat.  Now that Whole Foods opened up, I guess they are sensing some competition!  Tommy and I have gotten this a bunch of times recently to make amazing burgers at home.

A trip to Bed Bath & Beyond for a vacuum the other day resulted in no purchase of a vacuum, however tons of snacks.  Because snacks.

My favorites in particular are this Brownie Brittle (which I can never resist no matter where I am), and this yet-to-try Southern Pecan pancake mix that I will probably save for a Dessert for Breakfast type of morning.

Oh, heck yes.

Cafe Bustelo Columbian K-cups.  Yesssss.  I am such a lover of Columbian coffee, and this brand in particular just rocks my socks.

Many of my meals at home are so freakin’ quick and simple.  Like this broccoli, mushroom & tomato fry that is sautéed in garlic, coconut oil & minced onion.  I love frying 2 eggs and throwing them over this veggie mix to give some added texture and protein.

Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial muffins topped with Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese = bomb.  You don’t have to burn your muffins or sloppily spread the cheese around if you don’t want to but hey, that’s how I like to do things.

So, that’s it for now.  Just sharing some at-home eats! Hope you have a great Thursday.