Hey guys.  Happy Saturday!  If you’re as lucky as I think you are, then you are using this Sat to enjoy an outdoor BBQ, and not sitting down with over-due bills such as this girl right here.  Anyway, I had a FREAKOUT moment yesterday when I went back to the grocery store.  First of all, I am currently staying a good 6 blocks north of where my old apartment is, but since I refuse to adapt to change whatsoever, I still took the walk over to my usual market..a good 20 minutes.  My gym is right there as well and so post-workout I realized I haven’t done a complete grocery shop since I’ve moved.

My freakout came about when I realized that I have to start my kitchen goods from scratch.  In the midst of moving, I accidentally sent the giant box of my kitchen stash home to CT, meaning that stuff is now No. Bueno.  Olive oils, balsamic vinegars, red vinegars, nut butters, cheeses, condiments of any sort, anything I had in the freezer….all  or fridge..gone.  At first I only thought of it as a minor let-down until today when I went to replace those things – holy blow to my pocket.  I’d totally forgotten that the essentials of a kitchen are the most expensive.  Since I’ve just gotten  back from a vacation (aka no income for 7 days), I didn’t even get around to replacing most of those things.  I stuck to my usual list and will have to tackle the rest of those another day.  But really, what a BUMMER, right?

Sidenote: also got stuck in a downpour on the walk from the store.  My stubborn ass refused to hop in a cab to save deniro, and par for the course I happened to be the one human being in NYC that didn’t check the weather and magically whip out an umbrella at the sight of one raindrop.  WHY am I always that dummy?  On a positive note I was donned in workout gear, which I suppose is the best stuff to be wearing when in that situation.

Some market goods….


My very favorite.  This choc milk is great for when I’m going straight from the gym to the grocery store..it’ll hold off my appetite and prevent me from buying more than I intend to.


The rain had me in the mood for some soup…so I picked up some market-made Italian wedding soup.  It was yummy, but turns out it is still hot as balls outside and not yet appropriate for soup.

So…I really, really tried to steer away from Kashi brand today, but I just can’t do it.  I love the taste of their stuff, and so that’s that.  Can you tell I’m already getting in the fall spirit???

Those flavors there are Golden Maple, Pumpkin Pecan, and Crumbled Cinnamon.  Mmmm.

Stocked up on some Justin’s Peanut Butter…

And a drawer full of Skinny Cow…Getting my chocolate in wherever I can.

Well that is it for today!

Talk soon