I hope everyone had a great Easter, we certainly did.  I love that my girls still get a kick out of searching for Easter baskets and money eggs, well I might too if someone would make me one :)

We had a great meal, indulged a little, but not too much.  Now that the festivities are over it’s time to get rid of my little food baby.  Here’s my 2 week meal plan.  Trust me, in 2 days you’ll notice a difference.  Let me tell you the, the ginger sauce is a life saver, keeping your meals interesting and not ho-hum.

A side note, if you’re not already taking probiotics, you should be.  Take 2 a day with breakfast to help flush your system.  This also helps with the bloat.  It is something you should do regularly, not just when you’re trying to slim down a bit.

I use this meal plan as a guideline to get me back on track to strict clean eating.  Each meal has 2 options. Feel free to be creative.  If a can of tuna isn’t doing it for you have salmon or some other fish like in the photo.  You want to do this meal plan in a way that you can stick to it and not think of it as drudgery.  Hey we loooove our food!

Meal 1

1 cup of oatmeal                                        3 egg whites

½ cup of berries                  or                   ½ cup of berries

1 protein shake 25g                                    1 protein shake 25g

Meal 2

Protein shake with ¼ avocado          or             2 large pieces of celery 1tbs ginger sauce

Meal 3

1 can of tuna                                                  4 oz lean meat

1 cup green veggies               or                    1 cup of mushrooms

1 tbs almond butter

Meal 4

½ sweet potato                     or                     ½ c quinoa or brown rice

1 cup string beans                                          or  4 oz grilled chickin

Meal 5

4-8oz lean meat                                               meal of your choice

large green salad                   or                      no sugar or carbs

1 tbs olive oil & red vinegar

be sure to have a minimum of 35grams of protein after your workout

let us know how you  make out!