Hey all! Mid-week already..I like it.  If you love farmer’s markets, then with this post you are in for a treat! Literally.  Saturday morning was spent picking up mom’s crop share at her local market, Robert Treat Farm.  This place was only a two minute drive away, and is a WONDERLAND for anybody that loves to see fresh breads, produce, jams, flowers, etc.  What a wonderful way to kick off a beach day!

Potato lovers – BAM.  I love me some yukon gold potatoes (cook them right and forking into them is like forking into butter), so naturally those made its way into our basket as well.

Just…ugh.  I had hearts in my eyes.


Da freshest watermelon.

These peaches just looked so freakin’ incredible, I had to snap em.

Tomato heaven! I could not get over the vibrancy of all of the tomatoes there!

And of course, when you have the freshest tomatoes on hand, you also pick up some prosciutto, burrata, mozzarella and basil to make the PERFECT summer burrata salad.

Now really, if this doesn’t get you all hot and bothered, then I’m not really sure we can be friends.

This was our appetizer, although my idea of “appetizer” included 5  mini sandwiches (also topped with pancetta) because this just tastes SO.  DANG.  GOOD.

You’ve still got time left in the summer to make this fantastic dish! Tag us on Instagram @thefitgirlsdish if you do! We would love to see.

Have a great Wednesday!