I’m so happy to bring you this restaurant review.  Ava and I have been dining out quite a bit recently and this is by far the best meal I’ve had in a while.

After our Capoeira class Thursday, we were famished, so we headed down the street to Blue Water Grill in Union Square.  It’s still restaurant week, now seemingly restaurant month, so reservations are typically a must.  But here’s a secret, if you don’t mind, sit at the bar.  To me, that’s usually where the action is and I sometimes prefer the atmosphere there.  You can still find a quiet corner, like we did.  We walked right in as diners were lining the walls awaiting their table.

Let me start off with the service, awesome!  We all know your server can make or break your meal.  It was that kind of day where I was craaaving a glass of wine.  She didn’t miss a beat.  One glass almost complete, another arrives, perfect.  Believe me, they were small glasses.  The server said, she could tell by the way I was looking at the glass that I needed another, Love her!  We chatted a bit and turns out that she’s a personal trainer.  Poor Ava, I talk to everyone.

Now onto the menu.  I was elated when I saw Chilean Sea Bass on the menu, done.  Another huge bonus, they have a selection of simply grilled seafood.  Why don’t more places do that?  Since we were pressed for time, we skipped our usual salad and oysters and went right for the meal.  I ordered the Ginger Soy Lacquered Sea Bass served with broccolini, sticky rice (which I tasted, but didn’t eat) wasabi vinaigrette.  Ava opts for her all time favorite, Grilled Diver Sea Scallops marinated in EVOO, fresh lemon and capers, served with baby potatoes, broccolini, mustard yuzu vinaigrette.

While we await our meal, our server arrives with a lovely amuse bouche of roasted sweet potato soup, yum!  Our servers continues to appear at just the right time.

Ahhhh, the meal.  The sea bass melts in my mouth, just as it should.  Perfectly cooked.  The flavors on my plate are all very complimentary.  I comment on how delicious it is and Ava’s response; “I’m so happy you like it” In that moment I realized what a pain I am to eat with.  Truthfully, it’s been no secret in my family, but to see her reaction was priceless.  Ava was genuinely relieved.  Well, what can I say, when it’s good, it’s good and when it’s not, I’m not going to eat it no matter what the cost.  Ava’s meal too was quite enjoyable, we definitely were part of the clean plate club that evening.  No desserts and we’re out the door onto our next meeting.

We will definitely return.  Check out Blue Water Grill at 31 Union Square West at 16th Street, New York.  Play it safe and make reservations.