Morning! So I wanted to share some breakfast ideas with you that are essentially INSTANT and soooo, so yummy.  Lately I have gotten so bored with both my eating and workout routine that I’ve just been kinda playing around to see what works (or doesn’t).  As I’ve mentioned, I like to eat breakfast for my meals all day long.  I swear I’m making up for all those years of school where I skipped the most important meal of the day.  The thing with breakfast is it’s the first chance you get to start the day off right.  It’s important for you to prepare breakfast yourself  as opposed to picking something up.  Even a parfait from your local cafe topped with berries can be loaded with sugar and SYRUP.  Gross.  You want to cram protein, fiber, and all the necessary nutrients needed into your first meal.   You should feel full and energized afterwards.

This can double as breakfast and also what I used it for, a post workout meal.  Fruit Salad, a banana with almond butter, and Dark Choc Silk almond milk to restore the muscles I had just worked out.  I was satiated and loving every damn bite.

Ok, a breakfast “experiment”.  I prepared oatmeal by combing old fashioned oats, cinnamon, and the Silk choc milk.  I was like “Oh damn this is going to be like chocolate rice krispies but better!”  Meh.  Wasn’t quite the taste I was hoping for.  Next time I’ll leave out the chocolate milk.  The rest of the ingredients, however, totally made up for it: Banana, Pecans, Chia Seeds, Almond Butter, Pomegranate seeds.  This was so filling that I COULD NOT EVEN FINISH IT.  Do you know how seldom that happens to me?!? Perfect if you know you’ve got a long morning ahead and don’t know when your next meal break will be.

Yuuuum, another filling breakfast.  I love cereal, but I can’t just eat any cereal with skim milk and call it a day, or else I’ll be hungry again in about two seconds flat.  This is Kashi autumn wheat, which in itself is pretty filling.  I then added almond butter (again!), and blueberries- ta da! That much more filling and nutritious.  Adding a nut butter to any meal will instantly add protein and that “filling” factor.

A reason why you guys see breakfast pics from me more than anything else is because I go to work in the afternoon and am there all night!  My last meals of the day go undocumented because they usually involve me standing in a corner and stuffing my face.  Last night I managed to have a seat and snap a pic.

Grilled Chicken (didn’t eat the whole piece because this is an Obsese America portion), a fresh ass tomato, egg whites (the cooks take out the yolk for me because they are so freakin sweet), and a buttload of avocado.  PROTEIN.  HEALTHY FATS.  THE FILLING FACTOR.  This is it, man.  Of course I incorporate breakfast into my dinner with the egg whites.  And of course I shouldn’t have eaten all that avocado because there is such thing as “too much of a good thing’, but I did.  Whoops.  Next time I’ll squeeze some broccoli in there for some veg.

Before we part ways, I have news! To better educate myself and advance my career, I am beginning a Nutrition course that will at the end of 6 months leave me certified!  Educating myself means being able to better educate YOU, so be excited ;)

Not gonna lie, after a year and a half of zero studying, I’m kinda excited to hit the books again.  I hope I don’t regret saying that.

Anyway, get creative with your breakfasts and let us know how it goes! #thefitgirlsdish